More exciting news! Excel training services are currently in talks with ACFE in respect of assessing ETS courses for allocation of CPE credits.


So what will this mean?


This will be a great collaborative opportunity for both ETS and ACFE in relation to combating financial crime via training. Once course material is approved for CPE credits any Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) attending and participating in a ACFE approved course through ETS will be able is to contribute the credits obtained from the course towards their annual compliance.


The ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with more than 80,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud world-wide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession. (


All CPE credits will run in conjunction with any CPD hours allocated to the course.

Watch this space for more updates.



Cynthia Rhodes (Director)


We make every effort to provide our customers with the best value and highest quality services at all times.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!


A year and a half on, and what an amazing time we’ve had! Forming great New and Existing client relationships that can only have been done by truly understanding our clients’ needs and ensuring top rate delivery of training/facilitation of learning. We have been extremely fortunate to have the wonderful support and acknowledgement from our clients to enable us to drive forward our commitment in providing specialist training. It has been a great pleasure working with everyone involved and at Exalt we will continue to strive to provide the best quality training, at the best prices whether you are a new or an existing client.


To ensure that we continue to provide the right training, for the right price to the right people we endeavour to seek what training needs are currently required within the Anti-Economic Crime industry.


So, What’s New!


Cyber & Open Source Intelligence Course (C-OSI) 

This is a two-day CPD accredited course.


3 hour Bespoke In-house workshops 

Covering topics chosen by you!


For more information on these training packages please feel free to visit our refreshed Website/Facebook or feel free to contact us direct for further discussion at or call our office on (07920) 133320 for more information.


You can also find us in the City Security magazine detailing our current discounted offers.



What is SUCCESS?

What is SUCCESS?


For each and every one of us, the interpretation of the word, SUCCESS, holds entirely different meanings. For some SUCCESS comes from having the latest gadgets and expensive goods, reaching their ultimate career or being on the top 100 rich list.


For me, SUCCESS holds a more personal expression. Success is enjoying what you like doing or even being, it holds no monetary value no status symbol, just a simple happy feeling of knowing what I have achieved has transpired from a personal goal.


For me, possessing a strong passion for learning and development stems back from years of disappointing experiences. So, the key for me is ensuring that learning for others is not only informative but most of all an enjoyable process.


I have had the fortune to gain my knowledge and experience to place behind the training that I do, and for me to be able to forward that SUCCESS onto my learners has, not only helped empower them to become more SUCCESSFUL within their own careers and life goals, but has also provided me with the fulfilment of the true definition of SUCCESS.


Over the past year I have worked with some wonderful organisations, their people and I have been extremely grateful for the experience. Working with such organisations has also allowed me to give back not only with the parchment of knowledge, but also through the sponsoring of my local community’s children’s crafts and educational program.


On a final note, I guess SUCCESS is really about being the best you, you can be.  



Cynthia RHODES

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