With Economic Crime becoming a growing problem globally it is essential that we take a greater stance in trying to combat such criminal activity. Through training the Counter Fraud community can enhance their skills in order to take control of the developing trends/issues, develop fraud investigations strategies and assist in alleviating potential organisational risks of becoming a victim of economic crime.

Here at Exalt Training Services we strive to assist our Counter Fraud community in obtaining the skills necessary to help fight economic crime. Through years of experience of both investigating and training Exalt Training Services will aim to provide delegates with both an academic and practical knowledge and awareness of varying aspects of economic crime.

Exalt Training Services provides the following core courses:


  • Counter Fraud Investigation: A one-week course that will provide delegates with best practice, useful techniques and tools to assist their Counter Fraud investigations.
  • Investigative Interviewing: A two-day course that tackles the best way to abstract information during interviews. Delegates will be discovering best practice when dealing with witnesses and perpetrators, whether face-to-face or via telephone conversations.
  • Illicit Money: During this two-day course delegates will be taken through sessions dealing with the crucial elements of Money Laundering, Financing Terrorism, Bribery and Corruption.
  • The making of a Fraudster: With this one day course the delegates will learn about what makes a fraudster tick!


Additional Courses-Professional Importance (AC-PI):


Within our AC-PI section we focus on important courses that will enhance your working professional development. At Exalt Training Services we feel passionate about providing supporting knowledge and learning for all individuals working in a professionalised setting. Therefore we offer a range of courses that will assist you in your continued career.


Exalt training services also provide bespoke courses to suit your organisational needs, in-house course development and consultation. For these extra services please feel free to contact our enquiries team.


Excel yourself, and be the best you, you can be.



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  • Justine Lewis (Wednesday, November 23 16 12:01 pm GMT)

    Attended the Illicit Money two day course,
    I found this to be very informative and interesting, this covered all aspect of money laundering that will be useful within my job role, Cynthia delivered the information clearly and I way that kept us all engaged through the whole two days, I would highly recommend Cynthia and Exalt training services.

  • Judith sewell (Tuesday, November 08 16 08:05 am GMT)

    I recently attended the illicit money course which was very interesting and covered alot of topics , the course was well presented , the tutor was very well informed and created a calm relaxed learning environment - highly recommend !

  • Hayley Wade (Tuesday, November 01 16 09:13 pm GMT)

    I attended the 2 day Illicit Money Course, which I found really interesting and useful for my role. Cynthia managed to keep her audience captive and enthusiastic, which I think helped each of us get what we wanted out of the course. I highly recommend this course for anyone working in the financial sector to gain a better understanding of the legislation as well as discover what resources are available to assist us in making the best of our investigations.

  • Claire (Tuesday, November 01 16 08:07 pm GMT)

    Highly recommend Exalt Training Services. Just sat the pilot course for Illicit Money and it was excellent. Course topics were relevant, interesting, well thought out and resources were great.

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